Eating in Hatyai

Hatyai has been heavily commercialised and you can find the likes of MacDonald s and KFC if you are not used to the local fare.

 If you are keen for a few local recommendations, try the following:

 Daycha Fried Chicken 
 Th Chi-Uthit, Hat Yai 
08 1098 3751 

 Chicken, marinated in dried spices before being deep-fried, is a specialty of Hat Yai that has a reputation across Thailand. Many locals claim that Daycha, a restaurant with a couple branches in town, serves the best version. You can order it with sticky rice and a plate of som tam or chopped and served over yellow rice.

Muslim Khao Yam
Thanon Rotfai, Hat Yai

Khao yam is a type of rice “salad” popular in southern Thailand. Rice is cooked withdork anchan, a type of flower, giving it a purplish/gray hue, and is topped with finely sliced herbs, flowers, fruit, ground dried shrimp, thin rice noodles and a thin fish-based sauce. One of the better versions in Hat Yai is served by a Muslim woman who  prepares the dish a couple blocks away from the train station.

Kan-eng Restaurant
50/3 Kimpradit Road
90110 Hatyai Songkhla
Tel: (+66) 074-246 138
Business hours: 10:30 a.m.-2:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m.-9:30 p.m.
Thailand is famous for their tom yam and at this restaurant it wasn't overly spicy 'til the tongue goes too numb to taste other dishes, nor was it too sour, making your whole face cringe up.