Hatyai Cheonging Tips

Hatyai Cheonging tips

1.Note the handphone number of the captain or pimp and contact them immediately if you have a problem with the girl you got from the joint.

2. Never trust any pimp who does not have their own joint, or belong to any establishment. If you decide to take those freelancers, do take care of your valuables as there are many incidents of theft. Do not leave them alone. Always be on your guard even if you are taking your shower alone.

3, One of the way to spot a girl who may disappear on you is to see whether she comes to your room with only her handbag. If she does, then you have to be particularly cautious of her doing a disappearing act later. If she brought a bag with her pyjamas in it, then it is likely that she is prepared to stay the night with you.

4.Avoid all kinds of drugs and do take note whether the girl you have booked display symptoms of a drug abuser. Ask for a change, or let her go even if you can't get a replacement.

5. Last but not least, always practice safe sex and use a condom.