Massage in Hatyai

Massage In Hatyai
In Hatyai, one of the highlight that you shouldn't miss is the local Thai massage. There are both traditional and body massage available, depending on your requirement and preference.

Traditional MassageBasically there are three types of massages available locally in Hatyai:

The Thai Massage
The massage starts from the feet up to the body. It is a form of passive yoga done with emphasis on the legs, taking them through a complete range of motion and working repeatedly on the energy lines of the legs in all positions. This can be very beneficial for people with low back problems and has a deeply grounding effect on most people. Price is about 240baht for 2 hours session.

The Oil Massage
It is a variation of the Thai Massage with its own characteristics. Done with baby or aroma oil, this massage helps the body to relax without the "pain" which is expected from the Thai Massage. You will feel warm and comfortable in your body after the oil massage. Price is about 350baht for 1 hour session.

The Foot Massage
Also known as foot reflexology, the massage forcuses on the sole of the feet. This is
 influenced by the Chinese, who believes that the foot is the "gateway" to every organ of the body and that Chinese Physicians can even cure illness by treating the feet. Moreover, the feet bear the weight of the whole body and by relaxing the soles of the feet, the whole body relaxes too. Price is about 200baht for 1 hour.

The Special Massage/Turkish massage
Most men would not miss this when you are in Hatyai or Bangkok. The customer will choose his girl from the viewing gallery and your girl will give you a bath, then put you on an air mattress and pour hot soap suds all over you then proceed to give you a wicked massage using their body...their WHOLE body, its a quite nice experience.

Where can I go for these massages?
Some of the hotels have their in-house traditional massage palor. There are also stand-alone establishments all over Hatyai. Foot massages are also offered in smaller massage shop cum hair salons, especially around the city centre. For tradtional thai massage, Oliver Ancient Massage Palor is highly recommended. You can try out the turkish massage at pink lady hotel.

Oliver Ancient Massage Palor
64 Raj Uthit Road, Tel 074-253 425
Foot Reflexology Center
47/1 Kimpradit Road
New Cherry Ancient Massage
116 Thamnoonvithi Road, Tel: 074-354 622
Only One Thai Traditional Massage
65/1-2 She Uthit Road, Tel: 074-235 069
S.S. Ancient & Foot Massage
85/4-5 Prachathipat Road, Tel: 074-351 409, 074-351 410
Sun Massage
80 Prachathipat Road,Tel: 074-223 974